IMATS 2016 Haul.

Today was the last day for the IMATS convention! I heard a lot of great things about the convention and decided to take my sister.  I actually wanted to go on Saturday but the tickets were sold out when I went to check the tickets online at the beginning of the month.  It was pretty last minute sadly.


Most of the items I bought and some free samples.

The IMATS convention was at Pasadena Convention Center for three days starting since Friday for PRO card holders.  For general admission, the first day started yesterday and ended today.  The admission ticket was $60.  I think Pro Card Holders tickets were only $40? It was a very big discount.  


The wristband after getting through the entrance line!

Our first stop was at April Love’s booth.  They had one of those spinning wheel for free stuff.  I won a $500 voucher to take the class.  The representative said the total cost would be $2500 for the makeup academy.  I don’t plan on being a professional makeup artist so this voucher was a waste on me. My sister on the other hand got the lash glue. 

I was hoping to get an eyelash curler or something else sadly.  If anyone wants the voucher, feel free to let me know.

I also stopped by Velour to check out their lashes.  I ended up getting the popular Whispies based on their recommendation for someone whose never worn lashes before.  I love them! They also helped customers who purchase something to apply them.


Velour Lashes in Whispie Me Away


Top View with the lashes on.


The lashes were evenly on but you can see one side pretty good. ^_^”

I also got an aloe cream from Hawaiian Moon.  It was $43 after tax.  The lady said she would give me a good deal and included 3 small sample size jars that I gave to my mom.  It’s not sticky at all and feels very moisturizing.  

Next, I picked up the Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in the color Cailyn.  It’s kind of a nude color when it dries matte on your lips.  But it’s very pigmented and it’s super long lasting.  Water and soap are not going to take it off.  You’re going to need makeup remover to really get it off. It will make your lips dry so best to properly prepare your lips. It was the second to last one in that color.  They were selling it for $15 or 5 for $50.  But I didn’t want to spend so much on lippies.

Then we finally got to the Sigma booth.  I got the makeup brush cleaning mat and a brush case for my mom.  Each one was about $25.  They gave us two free brushes and a sample of a liquid lipstick for the purchase.  The brushes were the E70 angled shading brush and a kabuki brush but I gave the kabuki one to my mom also.



Sigma E70

I bought two other brushes but not from Sigma, a lash one and bent eyeliner.

And that’s it! That’s everything I got from the convention!



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