Museum of Ice Cream!

Museum of Ice Cream announced that they were extending tickets for one last time in Los Angeles for the some time during the month of December! I think it’s already sold out though, sadly.

It reminded me of early October when I went and thought about sharing it with you!

I was able to buy the tickets about a month in advance. It was a few days after they just released more tickets and most of the good weekend dates such as Friday and Saturday were already taken.  The remaining days were usually weekdays or Sunday evenings.  I did find an opening for Sunday, October 2nd at 3pm which worked out for me because my fiancé tends to work Saturday anyways.

The Museum of Ice Cream was located near 7th Street and Alameda in Downtown LA.  The area reminded of Art District. The location did seem a bit iffy you continued behind the Museum a few blocks.

There were a few places to park. You can try to find street parking, free on Sundays.  There were multiple parking lots that charged a fee.  They were charging $5 that day.  Or you can park valet for $6 which was right behind the Museum.

When we arrived, we had to get in line and they would let you in by groups, due to the small exhibit rooms.  There was an area to the side where you could relax before heading in if you wanted.  It was a nice green area with benches and fun things to do.  I saw the kids enjoying it while a parent would be in line.  Before you get in, the employee would hype us up and had us swear to not touch the bananas or popsicle .  My fiancé, of course, ended up forgetting ant touched them anyways.

Each room had its own theme and for the most part, I think every room gave you something to eat.  It was usually ice cream or candy.  Also, once you left a room, you can’t go back.  You can only move forward.

I think my favorite room was probably the Sprinkle Pool. It was smaller than I thought but the room was huge though. My second favorite room was probably the swings!

Okay, now for the pictures!

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Kathleen Lights – KL Polish

I love Kathleen Lights! She’s so down to earth and I truly feel like she’s honest about her reviews.  I was super excited to find out that she started a brand called, KL Polish, for nail polish.  If you haven’t heard of her or her new line, definitely go check it out! There’s also a sale going on right now for the full set of Spring collection!

I got two colors from her first release in Spring 2017, St. Clair and Miss Honey.  

St. Clair is described as:

This pretty periwinkle shade will make your nails POP!

Periwinkle blue pastel nail polish. Creme finish. Cruelty-free. Vegan. 5/7/9-free.

Miss Honey is described as:

The perfect shade for Spring, Miss Honey is a warm, melon hue.

Melon-pink nail polish. Creme finish. Cruelty-free. Vegan. 5/7/9-free.

Quality & Color

The nail polish, with a basecoat and topcoat, lasts a little over a week.  It’s very opaque. You can get away with one coat but I personally prefer two coats to get the same color as the bottle.

If you buy single ones, they are $8.50 each. US shipping is a flat fee of $4.95 per order, and Canadian shipping is $8.95 per order.  There are no refunds or exchanges unless it gets broken in the mail.
Processing & Shipping 

It took 1 day for processing, which is the time I ordered until the time it shipped.  It take 1 day for shipping time.  

I think it’s totally worth it. The colors are so pretty and I think it’s pretty unique.  She has both neutral and bold colors.  I think the price point is pretty good.  Some nail polishes cost more than $10 like OPI.  Even Essie is pretty close, $9.  If you sign up by email, you can get a coupon for 10% off.

(Collective) ColourPop Haul.

Hello awesome people!

On trending ColourPop news, Jenn Im just had a collaboration together and it is to die for!  I love Jenn’s style since she started her career on Youtube.  She’s got a sweet, yet fun style which totally translates into her collab.


They always hand-write the postcards! So cute!

There was a promotion when the collab first went live.  However, you couldn’t use any promotional codes.  Instead, you get a free limited edition Super Shock eyeshadow in the color “Birthday Boy” with any purchase.  Shipping in the U.S. is about $5. Processing & shipping took about a little more than a week.  Because I paid using Paypal with e-Check, the process took longer than if I just paid with a Credit Card.  So shipping is actually pretty quick.  There are two items that I actually bought a while back but I was waiting to buy more stuff from Colourpop to do a collective haul.






Top to Bottom (Left Side only): Lumiere Lippie Stix, Dohee Lippie Pencil, Dohee Ultra Satin Lip

I love the formula of the Lippie Stix and Ultra Satin Lips.  It’s not too drying and the colors are amazing.  I really like Dohee in both the pencil and liquid lipstick.  Dohee is perfect for the spring and summer.  It’s a bright orange coral color.  I have really fair skin so I was worried it would either wash me out or be way too bright, but it turned out to be a good match!  Lumiere on the other hand was a bit too dark.  It looks more of a dark mauve than other people’s swatches.  I think it might work if I was going for a vampy look.  The Lippie Pencil and Lippie Stix are priced at $5 each, while the Ultra Satin Lip is priced at $6.  For the pigmentation and quality of these lippies, the price is very inexpensive.  Be warned that they do transfer easily though.





Birthday boy is very shimmery and matte.  It’s described as “cool tone golden shade.” Unfortunately since it was limited edition, you cannot buy it anywhere.  Cornelious is described as a “Mid-tone warm caramel in a Matte Finish”.  I love both colors and I am absolutely in love with Colourpop eyeshadows.  It’s so easy to apply and so pigmented.  The colors are beautiful.  They are only $5 a pop! Such a steal right?!


I can’t wait to buy more from them!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Romwe Dress

Hello everyone!  So lately I’ve been on the hunt for a new and longer dress.  Most of my dresses are mini length (mid-thigh) because I’m a pretty petite girl.  I’m 5″3′ so long dresses just make me look shorter and stubby with my kankle-looking legs.  I don’t have nice toned legs with nice calves.  It looks more like hot dogs to me. 

I came across the site Romwe from one of my favorite Youtubers, Lilisimply.  There’s a lot cute clothes on site but beware that it is based in China so the quality can be a hit or miss.  Romwe, the site in general, is a bit of a hit or miss.


I would suggest that if you find something you like, try to search for a review on it on YouTube or blogs.  I found the dress I wanted in a review on YouTube and it looked just as pictured.  I checked the measurements for the sizes and went with a more closer fit because it’s a bodycon dress.

White Spaghetti Strap Cut Cut Dress (Link)

Romwe’s Stock Photo of dress


I’m usually a size small and got this in small.  It’s a perfect fit.  If I was going for a more flowy dress, I might be a size medium. The quality of the dress is really good but it’s still sheer.  I’d suggest white undergarments.  The back doesn’t have a cutout so you can wear a regular bra.

The shipping was just as stated. It took about two weeks from processing to shipping.  

This was my first experience with Romwe and I rate it 5/5.  I know that there’s also a lot of bad reviews about the site so I would say every experience will vary.  I would stick to items that people have purchased before and have good reviews for.  

February Ipsy Bag.


Hello! I’ve been receiving my Ipsy before the mid of the month and sometimes a by earlier.  I really like that the shipping has been pretty consistent.  When I saw the preview for the bag, it seemed kind of boring. Another nail polish, face exfoliator/scrub, and lip product.  It seemed a bit repetitive.  However, I definitely changed my mind when I received the bag and tried the products out.
Trust Fund – I’m Kind of a Big Deal (5/5)


It’s a beautiful rose pink.

I really love this nail polish color.  The brush picks up a bit too much product so I have to wipe it off a bit on the insides of the bottle.  It’s pretty thick too, so if you get a good amount on the brush, you’ll only need one coat.  I used only one coat on all the nails except the thumbnail which took two coats.  It’s a great color for spring!
Naked Cosmetics – Sierra Nevada 

 To be honest, I haven’t tested this out because I haven’t used a loose powder eyeshadow before so I don’t know how to apply use it.  It’s a very shimmery dark brown color.  It’s also too shimmery for my taste.
Best Face Forever – Exfoliating Daily Facewash (4/5) 

This exfoliating face wash is supposed to be a more natural product: free from paraben, dyes, and sulfate.  It says it has peppermint, grapefruit oil, and aloe vera. It feels almost like sand when I apply it to my face.  It smells like peppermint and feels a bit minty on the face.  It’s a bit rough but it leaves my skin feeling really soft and not tight.  It’s also not drying either.  I really like this scrub but I took off one star for being so rough.  For people with sensitive skin, it could be too rough.
Vintage Sparkling Lipgloss – Pink Sequin (5/5)  
I really like this lipgloss. It’s a shimmery pink.  It’s not too sticky like some lipgloss.  It gives a nice pink tint on natural lips.  I do have a bad habit of licking my lips a lot and eating my lipsticks so these didn’t last too long but they are easy to apply and retouch!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil


I’ve also haven’t tried this out but it’s actually the one item I’m really excited about.  I just haven’t got a chance to try it.  I will definitely update once I do!  

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Ipsy December Glam Bag.


Bag received December 15.

I received my bag really early this month! And I’m pretty interested in this bag.

The Power of Love in Nudie Red.  It’s a pinkish nude.  I really like the color but it smells like a crayon and kind of feels like a crayon too.  It doesn’t apply creamy but surprisingly the color is very pigmented and doesn’t look chalky. (3/5) The smell is a big turnoff but for the amount of lipstick they gave for a sample, I gave back some points.

Power of Love in Nudie Red.

Formula X in Revved Up is a really great color for the holidays.  It’s a gold shimmer color.  Just in time for New Years Parties!  I’ve heard great reviews about Formula X but the full price at Sephora is a bit on the expensive side so I’ve never tried it.  But now I have the chance! Thanks Ipsy! (5/5) It’s lasted very well so far but it’s only been one day.


Formula X in Revved Up.


Befine’s Exfoliating Mask feels very rough since it’s a brown sugar scrub.  It’s claims to be paraben free so that’s good!  I feel like it does work well, just really rough.  (4/5)

Clarke’s Botanicals can be used two ways, either as a mask or a moisturizer.  To use it as a mask, you apply a generous amount and leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse.  To use it as a moisturizer, you just apply it normally but sparingly.  As a moisturizer, it works pretty well.  Makes your skin feel soft and hydrated after those winter showers.  The smell reminds me of baby lotion but a bit more herb like. It’s not a bad smell to me though.  It’s creamy texture but very liquid-like.  Compared to my Ahava moisturizer, it’s not as thick.  I prefer Ahava for very dry skin compared to this and the full size for this costs about $60-$70 depending you get it from Amazon or Sephora. Ahava’s moisturizer is around $40.  It didn’t seem to keep my face moisturizer the next morning.  I had dry patches around my mouth this morning.  The Ahava one keeps me moisturizer much longer than just one winter night. (2/5) For such a high end product, it wasn’t very long lasting.


Clark’s Botanical Moisture Mask

The last item is the Concealer Brush by Beau Gâchis Paris.  It feels really nice and the bristles don’t fall off from just brushing it back and forth.  I think it’s also a pretty good size. (5/5) No complaints.

And the bag itself is really cute this month.  I like the pattern and the nice red color! Perfect timing for Christmas and a classy New Year!

The Ipsy card that came in the bag.

Aldo Phily Boots Review.

I was checking the Aldo site recently and realized that they no longer sell the Phily boot in Taupe anymore! 😦 They still have the black one but it seems to be on clearance right now and will probably get discontinue.  I really love these boots though! 


Hello beautiful people! During Black Friday, I was able to score these gorgeous boots.  Aldo had a 50% off sale and it’s still going on online right now! So get them while they’re still on sale! It’s originally priced at $100 but it’s currently on sale for $55.99.  I got it for a bit less during Black Friday but this is still a really good deal!  Practically 50%. It comes in two colors: black and taupe but only the taupe color is on sale.

Aldo’s website stock photo of Phily.

You can wear it two ways, all the way up or slightly folded down where the string goes around.

How it looks folded down.

It’s pretty true to size but the calves are bit tight.  I think it’s to keep it from slouching which it does not.  For suede shoes like these, slouching is one the biggest concerns but because these are tight and it has strings to tighten, they stay up the whole time.  I do notice that the strings get untied easily so I’d suggest to double tie it.  It also a zipper on the inside of the shoes.  Makes it easy to adjust your pants.

It’s super comfortable and has a slight wedge to it.  Not very high though.  I’d highly suggest the Aldo insoles even though the boot is comfortable.  It really makes a difference.  I love their insoles and you can use it for all your other shoes also.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  I have a leather over the knee boot but I find the leather boots are much now stuff compared to suede boots.  You won’t regret these!

OOTN: Late night drinks.

Double Trouble!

 Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!  Tonight I went out with my boyfriend and his family for some late night oysters and drinks.  I’m absolutely loving this dress from Papaya Clothing

 The top part is the most flattering sweetheart line I’ve ever seen in any dress.  It really makes your boobies look amazing.  You can’t tell from my picture but the strings are cross crossed in the back so it looks like a halter in the front.  The waist area is super cute too! It’s a stretchy material and cut out design for the bottom half.  The bottom of the dress is a forest green color that is made of two layers of fabric.  It’s definitely not sheer and not short so you don’t have to worry about showing anything. 

The best thing about this dress is that it’s very inexpensive, $22.99, and it’s very good quality.  This dress runs true to size.  But you can go up a size of you don’t want it too tight.  I’m kind of between a small and medium but for this dress I went with the medium.  The small still fit perfectly but the medium gave me a little extra room for those extra meals if you know what I mean.  

Loving fall already!

Lace Paneled Cami Dress

Bye Bye Kitty Sangria


Merona All in One Tights.


Part Thigh High Socks, Part tights.

 Sorry for the late post! I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was feeling a bit under the weather.  Along with the Xhilaration leggings (see the previous post for the packaging), these are absolutely my new favorite.  It’s really part thigh high sock and the sewn into sheer tights.  The thigh high socks have about an inch of sock that can be folded down.    I also love that the hip area is a more opaque black and is similar to a waist control tight.  It’s not as tight as those but still enough.  However, it’s not opaque enough to cover your underwear so you definitely can’t wear these tights as pants in case you were wondering.
I think these would look amazing with black booties.  The quality of both parts of this tight is of premium quality, does not feel cheap at all.  I’m 5’3″ and got these in a small.  They are perfect length.  Normal tights are still slightly too long even when I get the recommended size.  These tights cost $12.  

I’ve had similar tights before but the “thigh high sock” part was really not socks and were more like darker opaque black tights and then somehow sewn into sheer tights by a thin thread.  Those definitely did not last long enough, like only 3 washes before it started ripping.  

I will have to update after more wear and washes but these feel like they are so much better.  I wish I could tell you what brand those cheap ones were but I got them at an anime convention so it didn’t have any or any tags. 

You won’t regret getting these!

Xhilaration Leggings.

I think I have a Target shopping addiction. Every time I go there, I just love to wander off and look at stuff.  Tonight was definitely one of those nights.

Tonight’s review will only be for the Xhilaration Leggings.  I’ll be doing the Merona one probably tomorrow so watch out for that one! I’m super excited about that one by the way!

I have a lot black tights and leggings in different black”opaqueness” already and thought I’d try a different color.  It was $10. They are super comfortable and thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it being see through.  The grey is very opaque (very solid color, not sheer).  However, it’s still not thick enough to cover panties line as you can tell from picture below and I am sorry ahead of time that I’m not in the best of shape so I do have body fat.  It’s not the most attractive picture I know but I do want to show what kind of waist band it has. 
 As I’m writing this I am currently wearing it.  I would probably wear this with a longer shirt that would cover my butt and vaginal area if I’m going to be going outside with these.  Or at least wear no-show panties. 

It’s another perfect item for fall.  I’d definitely recommend these.