April Love Makeup Academy.

If anyone wants this let me know.  I got a $500 voucher to attend April Love Makeup Acdemy that I won at IMATS 2016.


[Preview] Bite Beauty: Best Beauty Rewind (2015).


2015 Limited Edition

 My order came today! I ordered it from the Sephora website on Tuesday.  It was shipped on Thursday and took about 3 days (not including Sunday).  The Rewind set are lip crayons that comes in four colors: Aubergine, Coulis, Torte, and Cafe.  It comes in red tin box that has a mirror inside too!  It’s going for $25 but not free shipping unfortunately so the total came out to be about $30.  
   I’ll be doing a review once I start testing out the colors.  I did try some swatches while I was at the mall today in Sephora.  I really like the formula.  It’s matte but still creamy so it should be easy to apply compares to Nars lip crayons that I also swatches to compare in store.  I didn’t take a picture unfortunately.  I’ve heard great things about Bite Beauty from other reviews that I’m looking forward to that!  

Be aware that these are smaller than the original sized lip crayons that they have.  I believe the regular sized lip crayons go for $25 also but in a larger form.  This set has 3 limited edition colors and and additional one color is their most popular color. 

Be sure to follow for the full review later! 

Xhilaration Leggings.

I think I have a Target shopping addiction. Every time I go there, I just love to wander off and look at stuff.  Tonight was definitely one of those nights.

Tonight’s review will only be for the Xhilaration Leggings.  I’ll be doing the Merona one probably tomorrow so watch out for that one! I’m super excited about that one by the way!

I have a lot black tights and leggings in different black”opaqueness” already and thought I’d try a different color.  It was $10. They are super comfortable and thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it being see through.  The grey is very opaque (very solid color, not sheer).  However, it’s still not thick enough to cover panties line as you can tell from picture below and I am sorry ahead of time that I’m not in the best of shape so I do have body fat.  It’s not the most attractive picture I know but I do want to show what kind of waist band it has. 
 As I’m writing this I am currently wearing it.  I would probably wear this with a longer shirt that would cover my butt and vaginal area if I’m going to be going outside with these.  Or at least wear no-show panties. 

It’s another perfect item for fall.  I’d definitely recommend these.

Essie Nail Polish: Cute as a button.


Excuse my amateur painting.

I’ve been wanting to paint my nails but just been really lazy to do it so since I had some time today that’s what I did.  I’ve had the Essie nail polish for a long time now but never reviewed about it.

I have it in the color “Cute as a Button.”  It’s bit of an pinkish coral color. More pink than orange in this coral.  Almost like a really bright pink. I find this color really flattering on my light skin.  To be honest, I still haven’t really figured out what my skin tone but I wish I could help you in that aspect, sorry! 
 I first applied a layer of ORLY Basecoat and then applied three layers of Essie Nail polish.  I usually apply only two and found that it gets a bit streaky so I never really liked this nail polish until recently.  I saw a tip on one of the reviews for this nail polish that said to put on three coats for the best color. As you can see, it looks really good after three coats!  Then I applied the OUTTHEDOOR Topcoat.  It dried really fast and my nail polish looks really strong.

I’ve tried it before without using a base coat or top coat and the nail polish lasted about a day before chipping.  So I definitely suggest using some kind of Basecoat and top coat for this.  The color using only one coat is still a bit sheer despite it being a bit thick.  A second coat shows the actual color but kind of streaky.  A third coat is best and matches the color when it’s in the bottle.  

Overall, I definitely changed my mind about the Essie Nail Polishes and will look for more colors! 

Bath & Body Works: Sleep.

I recently got this when it was on sale.  It was going for $6 for one.  My supervisor actually introduced me to this set at Bath & Body and I absolutely love it.

I don’t know if it actually helps me sleep or not but I really love the smell.  I also have this in the body wash and it makes my showers smell luxurious and relaxing.  After I shower, I use the lotion.

Honestly, I don’t really think aromatherapy really works on me but it’s really nice after a log day to smell sweet and soft.  The lotion feels very moisturizing on the skin.  It might feel a bit sticky on the hands though.  But I love it most for my arms and legs.  The scent is very strong so I don’t recommend it for people who are allergic to strong perfume scents because this can be too much.

For a more softer scent try the lavender chamomile version. It comes in a black matte bottle. It’s not as sweet and strong as this one.  I prefer to use the vanilla version for daytime and the black one before going to bed after a shower.
Ultimately, does it do what it claims to do: help you sleep? Ehhh, probably not.  Relaxing? Definitely!  And it smells really nice and does make you feel very moisturized for hours! 

Starbucks IOS App.

I’ve been using the Starbucks App for iPhones and it’s definitely been a life saver.

There’s days where I forgot to bring my wallet and luckily I at least have my phone with me.  The App uses my Starbucks card and let’s me order and pay all in the App.  All I have to do is pick up my drink or snack from the Starbucks pick up stations. I can even reload my card without needing my wallet.  

I really was never an avid Starbucks drinker until I used this App to be honest.  It’s made ordering so much less intimidating. You can take your time looking at the menu and customizing your order to how you like it without having to worry about confusing or frustrating your barista in person.  

The App lets you sign up for a card if you don’t already have one but the only downside is you don’t get an actual card.  In order to use the App you have to load the card with money. Minimum is $10.  Then you can use that money and place your order.

Now here comes some “Cons” if you will.  The App automatically chooses the closest location that takes mobile order.  It’s bit of a hassle having to change to the location you want.  You have to swipe until you see the one you want and you can’t set it as a default go-to location either.

The next issue is placing your order.  There’s no way of looking at the menu or prices without adding it to your order. So you have to choose what you want to see and it gets added to your cart.  You can customize and see the pricing but if you’re just browsing you have to remove it and then go back to the order screen and do it over again.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier each time especially if you order the same thing each time. You can just order your previous orders.

Androids just recently got the option to make mobile orders.  You can definitely expect a longer line for pickups! 

Happy ordering everyone!