Rothy’s Flats

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It’s been so long since I posted anything! Life’s just been a bit hectic.

I work in an office that requires business casual attire Monday through Thursday which means that it’s either heels or flats for shoes.  I’m definitely not someone that would sacrifice sleep to wake up early every workday morning to get dolled up for work, unfortunately! I’m the kind of person  that throws on random slacks with random blouses, a warm cardigan, and go! It’s also hard to be dressed up since I take public transportation to work.

Sadly, my overworn $15 black flats from Payless were falling apart. Literally! Pieces of the fake leather is falling off.. 😅 I’ve tried Steve Madden flats and Kohl’s cushioned flats, but nothing came close to Payless.  The only thing about it is they just don’t last! So I started researching if there’s any flats out there that are actually comfortable.

I came across Tieks and Rothy’s.  

Tieks are around the $200 range and they’re super bendable.  You can put them in your purse or even pockets. It has a fake leather look and with many colors and designs.

Rothy’s are $125 with two main designs, a round toe flat and a pointed toe flat.  They come in a variety of colors also but less than Tieks.  It has more of a canvas fabric.  Rothy’s is actually made out of reusable plastic that they’ve turned into thread to make these shoes! And they’re also machine washable and then air dried.

I chose to go with Rothy’s! They had me at machine washable! And I’m not really into the scrunchy leather look of flats, if you know what I mean.

The Lowdown!

a href=””> Side, Top, Bottom Views of Rothy’s The Flat[
a href=””> View of both pairs together![


I’m usually a size 6.5 in most shoes.  Based on other reviews, I ended up going with size 7 even though the site says they are true to size.  I was worried that it might be loose and fall off my feet when walking which is my problem with most flats.  If it’s my size, they’re a bit too tight in the toes. But if I go a size higher, they fall off.  Size 7 turned out to be perfect!


I went with a more traditional professional color, navy.  I was actually deciding between Black, Navy (this one), and cherry solid.  I absolutely loved the cherry solid but I was in need of a staple color I can wear with all clothes. So that narrowed it down to black and navy! I ended up going with navy all because of the bright blue soles! It really stands out from the side view! It’s a neutral solid color but still has a cool pop to it!

a href=”″> Photo from Rothy’s Website (Click on photo to go to the website!)[
a href=””> Side view while worn[

As you can see, the shoes looks just like advertised!


It’s seriously so comfortable! Almost feels like slippers. For a product that’s actually made out of plastic, it’s very flexible and comfortable.  The only thing that might bother you is the area behind your ankle. It comes with removable insoles so I believe you can use your own if you have some.  But I find the one it comes with is already pretty comfortable. My toes have a good amount of space and they don’t fall off when walking which was my main concern!

I believe it was totally worth it to invest in a more expensive flats! Maybe one day I’ll give Tieks a try when I decide to do a bigger splurge.  But for now I’m eyeing that cherry color flats form Rothy’s for my next purchase!  Btw I still haven’t had the need to wash them but when I do, I’ll try to update about it!

Update 7/5/2018: I’ve washed it twice so far. The instructions say to remove the insoles before washing and they feel exactly the same after being washed and sat out to dry!

If you guys want a $20 discount, feel free to use this link: Rothy’s Discount

Have a great rest of your Monday everyone and hope this post helped if you were looking for new flats!