Too Faced: Chocolate Bar.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last made a review!

The other day I was testing out a makeup look for my Emilia cosplay and realized I needed more base eyeshadows.  If you guys would like to follow my Instagram where I post cosplay related stuff, follow me @Kellyjellycosplay.  The Naked 3 is really the only big eyeshadow palette that I have.  It has a lot of pink colors but not enough matte browns to use for base colors.  I was actually deciding between the Tartlette in Bloom palette, Chocolate Bar, or one of the Too Faced palettes.  In the end, I fell in love with the swatches from the Chocolate Bar!  And… it smells soooo good!! It smells like hot chocolate! Yumm!


Too Faced – The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette (Source: Sephora)


The packaging is so cute!! Sorry the lighting isn’t that good! 😦


The back of the box lists all the colors in the same way the palette is set up.

I really love how buttery and easy it is to blend!  Most of the colors are really pigmented.  I think the only color that really doesn’t show up well is White Chocolate which you’ll see from the swatches, that it’s really hard to see unless you’re looking in a specific angle with really good lighting to even see the swatch.  I love all the browns, both matte and shimmers!  There is a bit of fallout with the shimmers.  You’ll find glitter on your cheeks when applying it.  However, the fallout really isn’t that bad.  I don’t personally mind it.  It has 16 total shades.  I wore it with Etude House Primer from 1 PM in the afternoon to 11 PM at night.  That’s 10 hours! And it still looks just like when I first applied it!  It’s so long lasting!


Time to see the swatches!! Warning!! Photo heavy!



As you can see, White Chocolate doesn’t even show up in this swatch!  But all the other colors are so gorgeous!


Here’s a closer view of the swatches so that you can get a better view of the colors!


A closeup of the swatches! Here, you can actually see White Chocolate but very light.

In this first set of swatches, Salted Caramel and Marzipan are seriously my most favorite combination with any of the browns!  I love using Triple Fudge as an eyeliner.  It really gives a sweet, romantic look rather than a super black line.  It also doesn’t transfer to my lower lash line like all of the black eyeliners that I have.  I just can’t seem to find a black eyeliner whether gel or liquid that will not transfer! It’s so frustrating!  Milk Chocolate is one my favorite browns to use in the outer corner and in my crease.



Lots of shimmers in the last row!

In this second swatch, there are pretty much all shimmer shades and I love them all really!  I love Ameretto in the lower lash line! Hazelnut, Creme Brulee, and Haute Chocolate are all a beautiful bronze that would look really good on the eyelid!  Champagne Truffle would make for a pretty highlight but it’s not really pigmented enough to be in the inner corners.  What I like to do is use White Chocolate as a base in the inner corners and then use Champagne Truffle.  It will show up better.  Because I already have Becca x Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop for highlighter, that’s really my ride or die highlighter!


I really tried to get a good picture for you guys on a look I did today with the Chocolate Bar palette but my iPhone really sucks at picking up the colors! Hopefully I’ll be getting a really good camera later for better pictures in the future.  So here’s the pictures that I did get!  Each picture seemed to look a little bit different so I wanted to show you guys the different views, maybe it’ll help you out better!  You can click on the images for a better view.


Thanks for viewing and I hope you guys are having a good weekend!<3


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