First Impressions: Wet N Wild Brushes

I’ve been waiting for Wet N Wild to restock these brushes for a while now and finally got my hands on them! I bought them all online because Walgreens only carry like 4 kinds of brushes from the entire line. 

The shipping was very fast despite the Memorial weekend! It took a bit less than a week.  I placed the order on May 26 and received today, June 2.  

I love how soft the brushes are and the color is so cute.  There’s a bit of a dent on the brushes that I’m assuming is for you to hold the brush easier, but I’m not sure if it’s useful or not.  It kind of takes away from the look of the brush.

The plastic that each brushes comes in gives a description of each brush and the details.  The brushes themselves do not have its name or a code or anything to distinguish which brush it is.  That kind of sucks if you want to know which one it is.  I also don’t like that it squishes the brush because it’s more like a sleeve.  Personally, I think it would’ve been better if they sold it in a box packaging or just on its own with some kind of protection for the brush hairs.  That way it can keep its shape.

Most of the brushes were $2.99 except for the Crease brush which was $0.99.  Shipping to California cost $4.06.  These brushes are definitely affordable and are pretty good quality.  I know that not all the brushes from the line are good quality though.  It’s a hit or miss similarly to Morphe brushes, another affordable brand.  It’s pricier than Elf brushes though.  Compared to my Real Technique and Zoeva brushes, it does lack in brush hair quality.  The Wet N Wild brushes are not as soft as those but they are still good brushes though.

I love the crease brush the most out of all them.  It’s a great fluffy blending brush.  

I am excited to really try these out and give it more detailed review on its performance.  I do believe that if you can afford the U.S. Shipping, definitely give Zoeva brushes a try.  It’s actually not that expensive.  Shipping is really what kills your pockets. I still love my Rose Gold Zoeva set with a passion.  


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