Perona’s Crown WIP.

In a previous post, I talked about how I’m starting to get into cosplay! I made a DeviantArt if you guys want to see my first cosplay.  I was Neliel Tu from Bleach.   I will be posting more of my cosplay stuff on there if you guys would like to follow that adventure.

For this year, I have the structure down for most of outfit for Perona. 

Perona’s crown in progress, just need to add the details.

 Here’s a picture of my crown so far!  It’s made out of craft foam, acrylic paint, hot glue, a bit of thread involved, and Modge Podge for sealing and priming.  It’s mostly done and I’ve even used alligator clips for attaching it onto the wig.  I just need to add the final detail which is the gold detailing from her crown.

I bought a small pack of plastic clear rhinestones.  I will need to change them to a gold color then hot glue it on.  I’m still considering which method will look better.  I might just spray paint the whole stone in gold.  Or I might take off the backing if any then paint the bottom gold only.  I’m not sure which one would look better on the crown so I’ll be playing with one of each.

I’ve made the cape but it’s only the structure so far.  I need to finish making her collar and hem the lines before adding the white soft border trims.

For the skirt, it’s taking me a while to figure out what method I should go about making her scallops.  I want to be accurate but her scallops were making it hard to do so.  However, I finally think I’ve found a good way to do the scallops without needing to hem it because I really suck at hemming those scallops.  

I still need to make her belt but I’ve got the materials for it already. For her boots, I have my red rain boots.  Although, not completely accurate on that part.. It will have to do.

I need to style the bangs for my wig but I’ve been saving that for later when my hair pins finally come in so that I can properly put my hair up to adjust the wig to fit my head correctly.  Right now, it’s a bit big circumference-wise.  It’s a chibi Arda wig which is known to be big. 

Thanks for reading!


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