Character Face Mask – Fox


The Face Shop’s Character Face Mask in Fox.

Hi everyone! I found this while browsing The Face Shop over the weekend and thought it was so cute! I must try! 

  The mask is said to be moisturizing for dry and flaky skin which is perfect for the dry winter skin.  I saw my friend’s Instagram with the pig one.  It’s pretty funny.

 The instructions said to clean and tone your face first before using which is what most facial masks will tell you.

Am i a fox yet?!

Isn’t it funny?! I think I make a pretty good fox! Lol just kidding.  It’s very moisturizing and there’s so much serum that there’s a bit left in the bag when you pull it out.  It only comes with one mask and costs $4 USD.    It smells pretty nice too.  Reminds me of a flowers.  It’s smaller than the Sephora masks.  Width wise it fits my small face pretty well but it’s a bit long.  Overall, it’s a pretty good fit and it’s feels very nice and moisturizing even after I take it off!


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