November Ipsy Bag.

November Glam Bag

Finally! The long awaited review! Sorry for the delay, life’s just been busy lately.  I guess I’ll start from left to right.


Novex: Brazilian Keratin (2/5)

It’s one of the new products going around, hair food. It claims to “reinforce the structure of the hair, increasing shine and leaving hair healthy, manageable and soft to the touch” due to the keratin. I don’t find that it’s very effective. It does help to keep your hair soft but there’s a lot of better hair products out there. Not too excited about it. The competition is just better and about the same price.  The retail price for the full size goes for around $16.


Smashbox: Full Exposure Mascara (1/5)

I was really excited about this one but it was a huge disappointment. It really didn’t do much for my Asian stubborn lashes.  And it didn’t last long.  If you’re going for natural lashes this might be a good one for you.  I’m still searching for a mascara that will really make my lashes pop.  I have long lashes that refuse to stay curled for long.  The drugstore mascaras are much more effective than this.


Trestique: Mini Matte Lip Crayon (4/5)


I got it in the color Chili Red.  It’s very pigmented.  It’s a very vivid red. I think it would look really good on fair skin.  It applies very creamy.  It’s similar to the Bite lip crayons but not as matte.  Thus, not as drying. However, it does smear easily so a lip liner is a must.  I noticed that even though it fades off, it does leave a pink tint so that’s a plus.  If you plan on wearing it through meals, you will likely need to reapply a few times.  I do recommend this one.


Jelly Pong Pong: Liquid Gossamer (4/5)

It’s a very pigmented pink shimmer.  The directions suggest using on your cheekbones, brow bones, and down the middle of your nose.  It sounds like a highlighter but personally, I feel like it would look better as an eyeshadow than a highlighter since its so shimmery and pigmented.  It’s also pretty creamy.


INSPR Eyeshadow – Carnival (5/5)

This is also very pigmented.  I believe its almost like a bronze shimmer color.  Also, very creamy.  I really like this one.

Thanks for your patience and be sure to follow for more future reviews!


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