Aldo Phily Boots Review.

I was checking the Aldo site recently and realized that they no longer sell the Phily boot in Taupe anymore! 😦 They still have the black one but it seems to be on clearance right now and will probably get discontinue.  I really love these boots though! 


Hello beautiful people! During Black Friday, I was able to score these gorgeous boots.  Aldo had a 50% off sale and it’s still going on online right now! So get them while they’re still on sale! It’s originally priced at $100 but it’s currently on sale for $55.99.  I got it for a bit less during Black Friday but this is still a really good deal!  Practically 50%. It comes in two colors: black and taupe but only the taupe color is on sale.

Aldo’s website stock photo of Phily.

You can wear it two ways, all the way up or slightly folded down where the string goes around.

How it looks folded down.

It’s pretty true to size but the calves are bit tight.  I think it’s to keep it from slouching which it does not.  For suede shoes like these, slouching is one the biggest concerns but because these are tight and it has strings to tighten, they stay up the whole time.  I do notice that the strings get untied easily so I’d suggest to double tie it.  It also a zipper on the inside of the shoes.  Makes it easy to adjust your pants.

It’s super comfortable and has a slight wedge to it.  Not very high though.  I’d highly suggest the Aldo insoles even though the boot is comfortable.  It really makes a difference.  I love their insoles and you can use it for all your other shoes also.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  I have a leather over the knee boot but I find the leather boots are much now stuff compared to suede boots.  You won’t regret these!


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