Sephora Black Friday.

Hello everyone! My Ipsy bag did come already but I haven’t tried out all the products so I can’t give you a proper review yet but I will try to do during this week so watch out for that post!

So let’s get to the topic: Sephora!   

I picked this up during the sale.  From the swatches, it’s a really good eyeliner.  Very pigmented and doesn’t smudge at all.  I tried to wipe it off and only the black one faded a little on the side.  

You can see a bit of the faded black on the right picture.

I think that was due to I went over it again but more going left to right.  The brown did not change at all.  The pack comes with a full size black eyeliner a tiny sized brown one.  I found the formula creamy and easy to apply.  The brown had a better formula compared to the black one.  It’s slightly more pigmented and more creamy. 

And the best part is.. It’s waterproof! I’ve been looking for an eyeliner like this! And for $10, it’s a great buy! I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for something inexpensive. 



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