Ipsy: November Glam Bag.

I finally joined the popular subscription.  I even did the steps to skip the waitlist.  I was supposed to wait until the December for the first glam bag but I emailed the support team and they were able to hook me up. 10/10 for their superb customer service! I subscribed Nov 7th so that might’ve been a reason why.  I just saw the charge so the bag should be shipping out in mid-month as the representative told me.

Ipsy is a makeup glam bag that you subscribe to for $10 a month.  You can cancel anytime and it’s really cheap for the makeup products that you get.  You get 5 items each month that equals up to almost $50 in value.  That’s a pretty good deal. For someone whose starting out with makeup, this is a good way to try out different brands and products.  For someone whose pretty advanced, this might not work out too well since it’s still quite random despite being personalized through a style test.  

A lot of criticism I hear about the Ipsy bags is mostly that people keep getting items that they voted they do not want in their bag.  They even emailed the support team about this.  However, I think that’s more of a personal dislike than a problem with the company.  The idea of an Ipsy bag is try  various items ranging from drugstore to high end products for a inexpensive price.  So of course they want you to try things you THINK you might not like.  You don’t know until you try, right? 

That’s why for advanced users, they tend to already know what products they need and want.  They also know what works and what doesn’t work already. So adventuring wouldn’t be such a good idea.

However, for beginners this is really great! You get all sorts of items and when you start to understand what products you need, you cancel.

Keep on the lookout for an update on the Ipsy bag!


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