Bite Beauty Rewind.

Left to Right: Aubergine, Coulis, Torte, Cafe

 Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to view my site! I’m still very new at this so I really appreciate the likes and follows!

I previously wrote a preview review to these lip crayons (click here) so this review will be additional to those comments I already made.  My favorite color is probably Cafe.  It seems to be the most flattering on my skin tone but maybe because I’m not used to seeing myself in bold colors.  Coulis is a bold red and has an orange undertone almost coral like.  Torte is a more of a pink purple underton and when swatched, it’s a mauve like color. Between Coulis and Torte, Coulis was a more flattering color. The last color, Aubergine, a very purple vampy color.  It would be great for those vampire looks everyone likes during the fall. 

Here are the pictures on my lips:









I noticed when applying them, the darker colors have a more creamier formula and leave a light stain after removed.  It is a bit drying on the laps due to it being a matte finish.  However as long as you moisturize and exfoliate beforehand, you should be fine.  



I really like that you don’t feel it on your lips.  I think these are definitely worth it.  You’re getting four great colors for the price of a normal lip crayon.  Most of the colors are good for every skin tone.  

I do suggest using a lip liner.  I didn’t use a lip line for Torte or Aubergine so when I applied it, it wasn’t as good as when I did use lip liner.  But I think that’s just in general for any lipsticks. Haha!
Thanks for the read!



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