[Preview] Bite Beauty: Best Beauty Rewind (2015).


2015 Limited Edition

 My order came today! I ordered it from the Sephora website on Tuesday.  It was shipped on Thursday and took about 3 days (not including Sunday).  The Rewind set are lip crayons that comes in four colors: Aubergine, Coulis, Torte, and Cafe.  It comes in red tin box that has a mirror inside too!  It’s going for $25 but not free shipping unfortunately so the total came out to be about $30.  
   I’ll be doing a review once I start testing out the colors.  I did try some swatches while I was at the mall today in Sephora.  I really like the formula.  It’s matte but still creamy so it should be easy to apply compares to Nars lip crayons that I also swatches to compare in store.  I didn’t take a picture unfortunately.  I’ve heard great things about Bite Beauty from other reviews that I’m looking forward to that!  

Be aware that these are smaller than the original sized lip crayons that they have.  I believe the regular sized lip crayons go for $25 also but in a larger form.  This set has 3 limited edition colors and and additional one color is their most popular color. 

Be sure to follow for the full review later! 


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