Merona All in One Tights.


Part Thigh High Socks, Part tights.

 Sorry for the late post! I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was feeling a bit under the weather.  Along with the Xhilaration leggings (see the previous post for the packaging), these are absolutely my new favorite.  It’s really part thigh high sock and the sewn into sheer tights.  The thigh high socks have about an inch of sock that can be folded down.    I also love that the hip area is a more opaque black and is similar to a waist control tight.  It’s not as tight as those but still enough.  However, it’s not opaque enough to cover your underwear so you definitely can’t wear these tights as pants in case you were wondering.
I think these would look amazing with black booties.  The quality of both parts of this tight is of premium quality, does not feel cheap at all.  I’m 5’3″ and got these in a small.  They are perfect length.  Normal tights are still slightly too long even when I get the recommended size.  These tights cost $12.  

I’ve had similar tights before but the “thigh high sock” part was really not socks and were more like darker opaque black tights and then somehow sewn into sheer tights by a thin thread.  Those definitely did not last long enough, like only 3 washes before it started ripping.  

I will have to update after more wear and washes but these feel like they are so much better.  I wish I could tell you what brand those cheap ones were but I got them at an anime convention so it didn’t have any or any tags. 

You won’t regret getting these!


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