Xhilaration Leggings.

I think I have a Target shopping addiction. Every time I go there, I just love to wander off and look at stuff.  Tonight was definitely one of those nights.

Tonight’s review will only be for the Xhilaration Leggings.  I’ll be doing the Merona one probably tomorrow so watch out for that one! I’m super excited about that one by the way!

I have a lot black tights and leggings in different black”opaqueness” already and thought I’d try a different color.  It was $10. They are super comfortable and thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it being see through.  The grey is very opaque (very solid color, not sheer).  However, it’s still not thick enough to cover panties line as you can tell from picture below and I am sorry ahead of time that I’m not in the best of shape so I do have body fat.  It’s not the most attractive picture I know but I do want to show what kind of waist band it has. 
 As I’m writing this I am currently wearing it.  I would probably wear this with a longer shirt that would cover my butt and vaginal area if I’m going to be going outside with these.  Or at least wear no-show panties. 

It’s another perfect item for fall.  I’d definitely recommend these.


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