Essie Nail Polish: Cute as a button.


Excuse my amateur painting.

I’ve been wanting to paint my nails but just been really lazy to do it so since I had some time today that’s what I did.  I’ve had the Essie nail polish for a long time now but never reviewed about it.

I have it in the color “Cute as a Button.”  It’s bit of an pinkish coral color. More pink than orange in this coral.  Almost like a really bright pink. I find this color really flattering on my light skin.  To be honest, I still haven’t really figured out what my skin tone but I wish I could help you in that aspect, sorry! 
 I first applied a layer of ORLY Basecoat and then applied three layers of Essie Nail polish.  I usually apply only two and found that it gets a bit streaky so I never really liked this nail polish until recently.  I saw a tip on one of the reviews for this nail polish that said to put on three coats for the best color. As you can see, it looks really good after three coats!  Then I applied the OUTTHEDOOR Topcoat.  It dried really fast and my nail polish looks really strong.

I’ve tried it before without using a base coat or top coat and the nail polish lasted about a day before chipping.  So I definitely suggest using some kind of Basecoat and top coat for this.  The color using only one coat is still a bit sheer despite it being a bit thick.  A second coat shows the actual color but kind of streaky.  A third coat is best and matches the color when it’s in the bottle.  

Overall, I definitely changed my mind about the Essie Nail Polishes and will look for more colors! 


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