Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots.

My boyfriend modeling in the background 😉

Now that it’s officially fall season, rain is going to be expected! And what better way to start off the season with rain boots! Although it really doesn’t rain that much in Southern California, I really wanted something to keep my socks from getting wet now that I’ve been taking the bus to and from work.  These are the Kamik Jennifer Adult rain boots in the color Rio Red.  I got it from Amazon about three weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. However, there is expected rain tomorrow so I’m excited to wear it for the first time in actual rain!!  The price after tax was $65 at the time I got them. The boots are currently at a discount price and now come with Prime Shipping so if you have Amazon prime, lucky you! It took two weeks for mines to come without prime.  I’ve always had the problem of calve sizes being too big on boots.  However, these are pretty snug on my calves but surprisingly not snug on my feet.  It’s fits perfectly and so I believe these are perfect for me.  Because they fit my calves snug and roomy in my toes, they look really nice and fashionable for rain boots.

These are very comparable to the more popular brand of Hunter rain boots.  I don’t have a pair so I can’t compare the quality but these definitely look just as good as Hunter’s and a lot cheaper.  Hunter rain boots go for about $100 something not including taxes and shipping yet.

The inside of the boots feel like fabric and the outside is a more matte rubber.  The Kamik rain boots also have other styles such as Jenny which is almost like this one except it doesn’t have the belt decoration and is slightly shorter.  It also comes in the Heidi version which comes slightly under your mid calf.

All in all, I’m really happy with these boots and love the matte red. It’s a perfect color for the fall season. It’s great quality and very comfortable.

I’ll update with more information when I get the chance to actually try them out in the rain.

Excuse the mess!


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