Bath & Body Works: Sleep.

I recently got this when it was on sale.  It was going for $6 for one.  My supervisor actually introduced me to this set at Bath & Body and I absolutely love it.

I don’t know if it actually helps me sleep or not but I really love the smell.  I also have this in the body wash and it makes my showers smell luxurious and relaxing.  After I shower, I use the lotion.

Honestly, I don’t really think aromatherapy really works on me but it’s really nice after a log day to smell sweet and soft.  The lotion feels very moisturizing on the skin.  It might feel a bit sticky on the hands though.  But I love it most for my arms and legs.  The scent is very strong so I don’t recommend it for people who are allergic to strong perfume scents because this can be too much.

For a more softer scent try the lavender chamomile version. It comes in a black matte bottle. It’s not as sweet and strong as this one.  I prefer to use the vanilla version for daytime and the black one before going to bed after a shower.
Ultimately, does it do what it claims to do: help you sleep? Ehhh, probably not.  Relaxing? Definitely!  And it smells really nice and does make you feel very moisturized for hours! 


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