Chapsticks Reviews.

Left to Right: EOS, Baby Lips, Nivea

Left to Right: EOS, Baby Lips, Nivea

I think everyone has the need for chapsticks, it’s one of those necessities you can’t live without!

I’ve tried all three of these lip balms but only one really WOWed me, which had to be the Maybelline Babylips.


The EOS Lip Balm used to be a huge trend when it first came out due to the egg-shaped packaging and the sweet smell. I only recently made my first purchase in the EOS brand. I’ve heard decent reviews about it during its hype. The lip balm actually has a flavor and when you lick your lips, you can taste the flavor.

It does moisturize but it doesn’t last only at all. I find myself constantly reapplying every 20 minutes on a dry day. It was interesting but for the price it goes for at Target, I wouldn’t make a repurchase.

//Maybelline Baby Lips//

I’ve tried this moisturizing one with the sunscreen and also one of the pigmented colors. Compared to the ones with a slight tint, this one is much more moisturizing. Compared to the other lip balms also, it is still by far the best. There is a slight scent to it but it smells nice. It glides easily on your lips in one or two swipes and lasts long. I’ve only had to reapply this twice in an 8 hour work day on a dry day. It’s also not that expensive. it goes for about $3 at Target. The sunscreen addition is also extremely useful.


The Nivea would probably be second best in this list. It was moisturizing but it didn’t last as long over the life of usage. It started off long lasting and as I started using it more, the formula wouldn’t last as long. I also don’t like the way it smells. It has a strange scent that maybe I’m just picky about. This one also has sunscreen. I’ve bought this specific product twice and the second time around I just didn’t like it as much due to the lasting effect of the lip balm. It just doesn’t glide as easy as the Maybelline.

All in all, I would only repurchase the Maybelline Baby Lips. I’ll probably be trying more of the line also. I do like the color tinted ones.


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